Johnny Barrington


Johnny Barrington is the singer/guitarist of Canberra punk band Super Best Friends. He is also a former political journalist, working for triple j’s Hack current affairs program in the Federal Press Gallery for three years and before that, Radio 2GB. Barrington was a close observer of the climate change, renewable energy and fossil fuels debate during the Howard, Rudd and Gillard years, covering these issues with balance, whether reporting for the national youth broadcaster or a network with an agenda and a climate change skeptic like Alan Jones at the top.

He left the Press Gallery to put more time into Super Best Friends, where he could be more vocal about politics and issues affecting our environment. The debut Super Best Friends album Status Updates is due out in early 2015, to take a swipe at the current state of Australian politics. Johnny says:

I didn’t know my bank had a stake in fossil fuels and I feel that if they are open about declaring it, they’re not making it obvious to customers. I don’t want the money I trust them to keep safe being invested in an archaic industry, that has no regard for the safety of the planet or its future.

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