Caitlin Yeo

Caitlin Yeo

Screen composer, Caitlin Yeo, has received a swathe of accolades including the 2013 APRA screen music award Feature Score of the Year for The Rocket, and 2007 Best Music for a documentary for Bomb Harvest, 2014 AACTA nomination, and the 2011 APRA Professional Development award. Caitlin has scored no less than seven feature films, 30 documentaries, and five TV series, including critically acclaimed feature film The Rocket, prime time Channel 7 Tele-movie The Killing Field, and the theme song for kids’ television series, Tashi.

Caitlin is also a proud board member of the Australian Guild of Screen Composers (and closely involved in the Guild’s decision to divest from fossil fuels), and a lecturer of film music, composition and production at the Australian Institute of Music.

Caitlin has put her bank on notice, saying:

“It’s time invest in the future of our land. Global warming is a real and imminent threat. I will divest, if ANZ continues to invest in Fossil Fuels.”

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