David Hirschfelder

David Hirschfelder

David Hirschfelder, is a well-known Australian musician and multi-award winning screen composer of many film-scores, such as “Strictly Ballroom”, “Shine”, “Elizabeth”, “The Railway Man”, and more recently, Russell Crowe’s “The Water Diviner”.

David is also a passionate advocate of clean energy, and has just sent the following letter to his bank, the NAB, in which he expresses his desire to completely divest from fossil fuel.

As well as being part of the Australia Guild of Screen Composers’ divestment, David has personally put his bank on notice. He forwarded us this letter:

Dear NAB,

Thank you for your reply to my letter of concern in regards to fossil fuel investment. 

In your response, you stated that “fossil fuels, including coal mining, have been a key part of our economy for many years”, but you did not indicate whether or not NAB intends to continue supporting the sectors which, as you said, “contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts “.

As a loyal customer of over 30 years, I would prefer to stay with NAB, but I see that other Australian banks, such as Bendigo Bank and Suncorp, have embraced a “fossil fuel free” philosophy. 

I am hoping that NAB will continue its commitment to a cleaner world, and in addition to investing A$1.87 billion to renewable energy, might also consider complete divestment from coal mining and other environmentally detrimental energy projects.

Looking forward to further clarification from you,


David Hirschfelder

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