Emma Dean

Emma Dean

Emma Dean’s vibrant and eccentric personality shines through her striking music. A classically trained violinist and pianist who then studied jazz vocals at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Emma went on to join Kate Miller-Heidke’s band and open for artists including Katie Noonan, Macy Gray and Amanda Palmer.

Emma left the comparatively small-town Brisbane to spend an outstanding year in the Big Apple, where she reached skyscraper heights of command, named by the New York Post as “one of ten artists to watch”.

Emma has put her bank on notice, and tells us:

I care about protecting our precious environment, which is why I will be taking my money out of the Commonwealth Bank if they do not stop funding fossil fuel industries. Our leading scientists tell us that climate change will cause global catastrophic effects. So why are governments, businesses and banks responding so painfully slowly? It’s now time to take a stand.

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