Kaz Field Anderson

Kaz Novakayn
Kaz Field Anderson is front person of the Activist Band, Novakayn, staunch voices for our environment, the homeless and peace. Through their music, Novakayn have been at many frontlines such as The Kimberly, Camp Quoll (a recent victory for people power), Saving Sacred Land at Bambara, the homeless, Whaling, the Reef, to name just a few.
Kaz has put her bank on notice, and tells us:
If we don’t stand up and be the voice for our future generations – our children and their children – there will be a whole big mess that they will have to clean up, and this brings me shame. Shame for polluted oceans, shame for the fossil fuels making Swiss cheese of our planet, shame that we just can’t be more respectful. There is a whole lot at stake, and we need to put those on notice who disregard our children’s future: we are NOT going to take it lying down!
Banks be on notice…there are a whole lot more where I came from, just at the ready to step up!

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