Lara Goodridge

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Lara Goodridge is a violinist and singer in bands FourPlay String Quartet, Baby et Lulu, and Miriam Lieberman Trio amongst others. She has put her bank on notice after discovering ANZ’s $6.5 billion investments into fossil fuel projects.

After finding out recently that my bank of 25 years was the highest investor in fossil fuels, I met with my bank manager and expressed my concern, explaining that I would divest all my money if their stance did not change. The time is now to start investing in renewable energies, and to actively divest from fossil fuel energies. This is our future. The best outcome is that ANZ and the other major banks take notice and make a change for the future, but if they continue to invest in these outmoded and destructive energy projects, then I’ll be putting my money where my mouth is!

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