Nigel Westlake

Australian composer Nigel Westlake in Sydney, Australia, 2011.

Nigel Westlake’s career, spanning almost four decades, began as a clarinettist touring Australia and the world with many ensembles. He began composing from 1980, receiving offers to write for radio, theatre, circus, TV and film. His film credits include Miss Potter, Babe, Babe – Pig in the City, Children of the Revolution and the IMAX films Antarctica, The Edge, Imagine & Solarmax. He writes extensively for the concert hall, receiving commissions to write for orchestras, ensembles and soloists. Nigel has received many awards including 15 AGSC / APRA awards across both classical and screen categories, the Gold Medal for Best Original Music at the New York International Radio Festival and the 2014 Aria Award for Best Classical Album. His tribute in music to his son Missa Solis – Requiem for Eli won the 2011 Limelight Award for Best Composition, Orchestral Work of the Year at the 2012 Art Music awards & the coveted 2013 Paul Lowin Orchestral Prize.  He holds an honorary doctorate in Music awarded by UNSW. Nigel is committing to divesting from fossil fuels, telling us: The world’s leading scientists tell us that climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity, yet our governments and many of our banks remain in a state of gridlock, wedded to the short term profits associated with fossil fuels. We now know that this continued investment represents a direct threat to the future of life on earth as we know it. I urge my fellow Australians to tell your banks in the only language they understand that this situation is completely indefensible. Divest now!

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Nigel and his wife Jan have taken action and left the Commonwealth Bank. Here are the two of them at the Sydney Divestment Day on February 14th 2015.

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