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Rob Hirst, drummer from Midnight Oil, has put his bank on notice. Here’s the letter he wrote to ANZ explaining his reasons.

“Dear ANZ

I’ve been a loyal customer since 1978, when you gave our young band a loan to get started.

Thank you for that. Most banks wouldn’t have taken the risk.

Thanks also for refusing to bankroll Gunns Ltd’s proposed Bell Bay pulp mill in Tasmania in 2008. That was a bold decision and sent a powerful message to polluters.

Now I’m asking for one more thing. Please discontinue the funding of all fossil-fuel mining companies, by allowing existing contracts to lapse, and by denying assistance to future parties who seek your help. In the face of a reckless disregard for the earth’s future by the current Australian Government, it is up to the rest of us to take a stand.

Thank you ANZ. Investment in clean energy will be a win for everyone.

Best regards

Rob Hirst”

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