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Tim Hollo is a musician and environmental activist. With FourPlay String Quartet, he has performed around the world, from the Sydney Opera House to New York’s Carnegie Hall, from WOMADelaide to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He has recorded and performed with artists including Neil Gaiman, Katie Noonan, Ben Folds, Amanda Palmer, The Whitlams, Dog Trumpet, The Screaming Jets, Jodi Phillis of The Clouds and many more.

As an environmentalist, he has worked for Greenpeace, the Australian Greens, 350.org and others. In February 2013, he founded Green Music Australia, a campaigning organisation to organise, facilitate and inspire musicians and the music scene to lead the way to a greener world.

I’ve always tried to do what I can to care for our precious planet, but it’s what we do as a community, and as a society that matters far more. That’s why fossil fuel divestment is such a great idea – as more and more of us join the movement it makes an incredibly powerful cultural statement. It’s not just me telling the Commonwealth Bank they can’t use my money anymore. It’s all of us saying: wrecking the climate is not ok, investing in fossil fuels is not ok.

We musicians are in such a privileged position, to be able to talk to our audiences when our music has opened their hearts and minds. Let’s use it to help make the world a better place!

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